Together in Business

ASCO  company,  thanks  to  its  extensive  technological  and  production  facilities,  carries  out  a wide range of orders. Customers have full support at every stage of order fulfillment, in particular at the initial stages of projects, such as construction, technology development, and prototyping. Moreover, in the field of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and control installations. The production process, owing to the company’s many years of experience, ensures that pro-ducts are manufactured at the quality level required by customers.

The main areas of ASCO’s activity are as follows:

  • railway (the production of elements and subassemblies);
  • containers (complete power generators, including cogeneration, as well as complete container structures for various purposes);
  • crane and transport (the production of complete machines and devices);
  • agriculture (the production of elements and components);
  • offshore and shipbuilding;
  • construction (building elements and structures, among others in the field of hallsand technological lines).